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Stand out from the crowd

Your brand is your backbone - make it strong

The business world is competitive place. Your brand is out on the frontline – working hard to capture the attention of your target audience and convert interest into custom.

It makes a statement about your company and helps your customers to form the right opinion, fast. With such an important job to do – perhaps the most important job of all – you need to get your brand spot-on. And to do that, you need to start at the drawing board. You’ll need to define your goals. Set your vision. Carve your own unique position in the market. And then, you’ll need some first-rate brand development to bring your business to life in full technicolour glory. And where’s the best place to start? Right here, with Aguru Marketing.

Your brand is your backbone - make it strong

Big-Picture Approach

When we say ‘brand’, many people think ‘logo’. But a logo is just one small component.

Industry Trends

Digging up the facts & trends about your market.

Competitor Analysis

What do you offer that your competition doesn't?

Buyer Persona

What does your buyer look like and what makes them tick.

Employee Audit

Understanding what your employee thinks your brand stands for.

Strategy & Positioning

Mission, vision, purpose (the why behind the what)

Creative Implementation

Guidelines, colour palettes, typefaces & straplines.

Employer Branding

Making your brand the front and center of your business.

Go-To-Market Planning

Getting your new brand out there in the market.


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