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15/12/17: Friday Briefing With Aguru Marketing

Dec 15


This week, we have news of the Top 3 Christmas YouTube Ads of 2017 and bringing Guy Harvey’s Restaurant website up to speed

Top 3 Christmas YouTube Ads of 2017

We are edging ever closer to the festive period, which means that most Christmas campaigns have been rolling out on the screens and online in the UK. Our Senior Digital Guru, Dan, is a big fan of Christmas Ads and has been keeping a close eye on the reaction of the public and marketing community.

So here is goes, the most popular Christmas Ads are as follows:

1. John Lewis Christmas Ad 2017 – #MozTheMonster

Following the huge success of John Lewis’ ‘The Long Wait‘, ‘Monty The Penguin‘, and ‘The Bear and the Hare‘ ads, the UK public and marketing community waited in anticipation for what adam&eveDDB would be able to bring creatively in 2017 – the result: #MozTheMonster.

The two-minute advert tells the story of a young boy called Joe who is kept awake by a seven-foot imaginary monster called Moz who lives under his bed. The reaction was luke-warm and with Amazon outperforming the British Retailer, it didn’t do much to drive sales either. Despite this, it racked up an impressive 9 million YouTube views, making it the most successful Christmas ad on 2017.

Just don’t expect many Moz The Monster gifts under the Christmas tree this year – it will probably scare the life out of the kids anyway.

Creative agency: adam&eveDDB

2. M&S Paddington & The Christmas Visitor – #LoveTheBear

Coming in second with 6.6m YouTube views is the Marks & Spencer ‘Paddington & The Christmas Visitor‘ ad.

This ‘feel good’ ad ties in with the launch of the new Paddington film due to land on the big screens in January. It sees this universally likeable bear unknowingly save Christmas for friends and neighbours when he mistakes a burglar, who has stolen everyone’s presents, for Santa.

Creative agency: Grey London

3. Sainsbury’s – #EveryBitOfChristmas

The campaign, ‘Every Bit of Christmas’, features an upbeat festive song written specifically for the ad that talks to the best aspects of Christmas – pigs in blankets, terrible socks, and Brussels sprouts. It also features cameos from festive favourites Ricky Tomlinson and Kermit the Frog.

It’s a ‘love it or hate it’ kind of ad, but at 4.5m YouTube views, there are clearly more in the ‘love’ camp.

Creative agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Bringing Guy Harvey’s Restaurant website up to speed

After successfully launching 14 websites for clients in 2017, we have been busy working on a new and exciting project – Guy Harvey’s Restaurant. With their current website in need of a major update, we identified that Guy Harvey’s were looking for a clean, modern, multimedia-rich website with flexibility to develop the website in future.

But with rich multimedia comes slow PageSpeed and YSlow, which also affects web performance, usability, and SEO. Therefore, the Aguru Web Team have prioritised bringing:

  • Optimised, pixel perfect videos and images
  • Minifying HTML/CSS, enabling compression, leveraging browser caching, and other technical techniques to improve page speed.
  • Adding a CDN at server level to reduce the time of content delivery for the user from our servers.

Is your website slow to load? If it takes more than 3 seconds to load, the chances are your users won’t stick around to see your website and Google won’t be impressed either. Speak to our team today to see how we can help you!

08/12/17: Friday Briefing With Aguru Marketing

Dec 8


This week, we have news of the CIMPA AGM, Flowers Group taking flight, and Google Santa Tracker

Board Roles up for Election at CIMPA AGM

CIMPA has grown in stature over the course of 2017. From the annual CIMPA Conference to social functions and workshops,  it’s been a busy 12 months for all members involved. The AGM is an opportunity for all CIMPA members to toast a successful year and elect new board members for 2018.

If you think you can make a difference to the local Cayman Islands marketing profession, CIMPA have a number of roles for election below:

Chair (previously held by Laura Skec)
Deputy Chair (previously held by Karen Ebanks)
Secretary (previously held by Maya Lewis)
Head of Communications (previously held by Harriet Moon)
Head of Events (previously held by Catherine Healy)
Head of Memberships (previously held by Eileen Keens)

The event takes place the Wharf Restaurant on December 12th from 6pm. If you are a CIMPA member, you can book your place here:

You can also see the full role descriptions here:

Flowers Group Takes Flight

Following our successful launch of the Flowers Group company website in June, our digital team have been working hard to launch a microsite for Flowers Air Agencies, as part of a continued digital development program to bring all business arms of the Flowers Group online.

Built using Squarespace, the Flowers Air Agencies website has been specially designed to drive brand consistency from the main website with the same use of logo, colours, fonts, menu, and page architecture. We also recognised the importance of using professional, authentic imagery to build trust with users so we spent an entire day shooting various shots from fuelling airplanes to check-in – it was good fun!

Finally, we included a number of useful links for the weather, scheduled and non-scheduled arrivals, permits, and a myriad of other useful information required to help navigate commercial and private aviation users online.

Check out the new website here:

Google Santa Tracker

We’ve been so busy at Aguru Marketing that we haven’t had to time to put up a Christmas Tree or any decorations yet. But to make up for it, the Google Santa Tracker has been providing a source of entertainment and festive spirit in the office.

Every day leading up to the 24th, Google’s Santa Tracker for 2018 will uncover either a new game or new activity.

Google has so far revealed its new Santa Tracker app for iOS and Android, a snowflake coding tool, a translation tool, a festive video, and a virtual painting tool. Future surprises have been hinted at, such as using Code Boogie to code the famous elf dance, as well as the world’s largest virtual snowball fight.

In addition, Google has released other Christmas creations in conjunction with the Santa Tracker. This includes things like the “Santa Snap” game, available only on Android, which lets you fly an elf around the world to take selfies with famous landmarks.

Of course, this is all in preparation for Christmas Eve, where you’ll be able to track Santa’s journey around the globe in real-time. Google Assistant will also be on deck, ready to answer “Ok Google, where is Santa?” at any time.

We can’t wait to see him visit us in Cayman!